The industry is always changing. There are many complexities involved in the management / maintenance of condominiums. Why not work with a company that can combine both services? We offer both property management and maintenance services to make sure your needs are always met.


Planning is essential. Within every industry, staying organized is crucial for success. We take pride in our ability to manage projects and always stay on top of the tasks that truly matter. Shortcuts are not an option when it comes to quality.

customized Solutions

A standardized approach can make you feel like your needs are being dismissed or overlooked. We offer customized solutions that address all of your concerns without cutting corners or neglecting the details that matter the most.

Industry experts

Our industry experts are always ready to help! As a growing company, we are always developing new methods to increase productivity and advance our services. Not only can we help you with all of your property management needs, but we can also help you with property maintenance!

Reliable Service

When it comes to property maintenance, having access to a reliable and dependable team is crucial. Whether you need help with day-to-day maintenance or additional guidance regarding property management, our team is ready to assist you!

dedicated professionals

Having access to professionals who can offer valuable advice is extremely important. From conflict resolution to daily problem solving, industry insight can help all parties establish win – win solutions.

Experienced professionals

Having access to a team of experienced professionals has numerous benefits. Not only are we highly efficient & confident in our ability, but we are also able to utilize a network of industry leaders. We have created valuable relationships that we can rely on!

Valuable industry insight

We understand that our industry is constantly evolving. We utilize valuable industry insight to make sure our methods are innovative and optimized to suit your needs.

in-house experts

Being equipped with in-house experts means our team can collaborate seamlessly on any project. Having access to professionals with diverse backgrounds and skillsets allows us to provide high-quality service that suits your needs.

project management

We go above and beyond to meet your needs. From day to day maintenance, building and property upgrades, as well as project management, boards will have the option of accessing these services through our knowledgeable in-house staff.

Knowledgeable in-house staff

Every member of the UrbanTec team is passionate about property management and maintenance. Not only do we actively keep up with the latest news to develop our skill set, we constructively reflect on our methods to ensure they deliver the results you need. Innovation is a huge part of our process.

property upgrades

When planning upgrades or developments to condominiums there are many factors to consider. Having a property manager with an extensive network of those within the industry can make a huge difference. Working with established industry experts provides you with an insight that can help you save time and money.

experience in the condominium community

Working with an inexperienced property manager can end up costing you money by interrupting projects and delaying deadlines. With UrbanTec, we have built connections and have become a prominent part of the condominium community. All of our managers understand our industry and are dedicated to getting the work done in a timely & productive manner.

day-to-day maintenance

From day to day maintenance, building and property upgrades, as well as project management – our team can help you with all of your management and maintenance needs. Our experts can connect you with professionals who can help resolve any.

keeping records foR The condo corporation

Having an organized and fully-trained property manager means all of your important documents and records will be kept safe. When developing condominiums there are many bylaws & requirements to follow. UrbanTec has over 25 years of experience and is fully equipped to provide you with the highest-quality service.

ensuring maintenance and repair of the property

Working with a property management company can be a huge asset to your business. Condominiums vary in size, but the maintenance and management services you receive should always be of the highest quality. The operation, maintenance and oversight of your property should be handled by qualified professionals. By combining our property management and maintenance services, we have perfected our process.